• Cover by Cassandra, Magarita & Sarah (Marx Dormoy)

    Cover by Cassandra, Magarita & Sarah.



     We can deduce that on the left side , it's the perfect happy family, and on the other side the family after ben's bith. The artist may intend to denounce that ben is  placed in the root of the family tree.

    It represents the most important members of the  family. The book shows the fact that he is the one who  destroyed everything. Moreover the fact that the title of the book is written in red with spines strengthens the fact that this fith child is spring of misfortune, of bad events.

     Every spine represents highly-rated dark one of its soul. However, the flames of the parm represent the hell ( as well as the one that he made live to his family) Futhermore every word represent a person of the family before and after Ben's birth.

     And the rainbow of the left shows the happiness which reigned. And the thunderstorm on the right shows the disaster which is provoked by ben.

     So the hearts of a highly-rated depicts the love between the members of the family.


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    Wednesday 16th November 2011 at 21:09

    To my mind, whereas your cover is simple the tree represents brievly and exactly the problems there are in this family in which Ben is growing as he can, the feelings he must have and over all, the left side of the tree shows that Ben's situation is anormal and shouldn't be such as it is but despite his diference he should be loved as much as possible in order to be less affected by his diference and to feel it less as possible.

    Saturday 19th November 2011 at 13:56

    in your cover i can see just 6 faces but in Lovatts Family they are 7 ! the five children and the parents ! Have you forget one or it's just like that ? 

    Sunday 20th November 2011 at 19:03

    Naomi, on the left side it's the family before Ben's birth, so he can't be drawing. And on the right side, Ben is at the roots of the tree, the family tree. By keeping him at the roots, we wanted to show that he's the origin of this change.

    Bouhlel Sonia Bouhlel Sonia profile
    Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at 19:26

    I love this idea, Family's behavior and feelings before Ben's birth and after! It depicts really the feelings of Lovatt torn family!

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