• Strong and shoking campaign by Surfrider Foundation


    We kill with our rubbish

  • Excellent campaign by WWF!

    Someone to comment on it?


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  • I know the document is not in English but I find the idea excellent (In a lesson about Global Warming for example).

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  • WOW!!!!! A war has begun!

    I'm a big Star Wars fan and I must admit that the last Greenpeace campaign is really punchy!

    Greenpeace has decided to spoof the little Vader advert by VW in order to show its dark side. Indeed, for Greenpeace, VW is opposing European legislation that would impose further limits on the amount of C02 that new vehicles are allowed to emit.

    Really useful for STG lessons about Global warming!!!!! Luv it!

    Here is the original advert:


    Here are the spoof ads:



    Here are some articles about the subject:






    Here is the Greenpeace website specialy created for the occasion:



    Here is the Greenpeace manifesto:

    Rebel Manifesto

    Our home—Earth—is in trouble. VW opposes key environmental laws we need if we’re going to stop our planet going the way of Alderaan (bye bye). But all is not lost. We feel the good in Volkswagen.

    All of us in the Rebellion are calling on Volkswagen to turn away from the Dark Side and give our planet a chance.


    Support strong CO2 emissions cuts.

    Despite its green image, Volkswagen is spending millions of Euros every year funding lobby groups who are trying to stop Europe increasing its commitment to greenhouse gas reductions from 20% to 30% by 2020.
    Progressive companies – from Google to Ikea, Sony, Unilever and Philips – support the target. Volkswagen can’t afford to be left behind.


    Support strong fuel efficiency standards.

    More efficient cars are cheaper to run, use less oil and emit less CO2. Volkswagen has a history of lobbying against the strong European standards that we need to kick our oil addiction.
    As the biggest car company in Europe, with the biggest responsibility, VW must change and support strong standards from now on.


    Put your technology where your mouth is.

    Volkswagen says it wants to be “the most eco-friendly automaker in the world”, but only 6% of the cars it sold in 2010 were its most efficient models.
    It has the technology to do better. VW must set out its plan to make its entire fleet oil-free by 2040.


    The following is taken from HERE

    To add insult to injury, Greenpeace names VW(Group) as Europe’s least green car maker in a 24-page report published this morning. The report accuses Volkswagen of exaggerating its green record and resisting attempts to make popular models such as the market-leading Golf more fuel efficient.

    Greenpeace said, “The truth is that the Volkswagen Group has lagged behind its competitors for years. It only stepped up progress on CO2 reductions once a legal framework was put in place that forced it do so. It has shown no ability or willingness to voluntarily deliver the innovation or technology changes required. Now Volkswagen is openly opposed to the agreed 2020 standard that would benefit motorists, the economy and the environment.”

    The Campaign

    Greenpeace have put together a clever campaign which is built around a custom website containing the two videos, plus an achievements game which rewards participants with badges as they climb the ‘Star Wars’ ladder (from Baby Ewok through to Yoda), culminating in the ultimate prize of… a Greenpeace T-shirt. Way to go GP! (cue sacrastic whooping and hollering).

    Greenpeace VW Dark Side

    The troops have also been out in force this morning, and by troops I really mean troops – passers-by in London this morning have observed the rather unorthodox sight of Stormtroopers wearing VW badges encouraging people to “turn away from the dark side” (i.e. VW). The #vwdarkside hastag is not (yet) trending, but it surely will at some point later today, so if you’d like to oppose the campaign you can show your support with a Twibbon or tweeting your support for VW using the hastag #empiredrivesavw.

    If you do however feel inclined to sign up and help Greenpeace turn VW away from the Dark Side, then visit vwdarkside.com to begin your Jedi Training.


    Moreover you can download the report written by Greenpeace on the site.

    You can join the rebellion and become a Jedi Master against the Dark Side of VW.


  • A vid that can be used in a lesson about global warming.


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  • I was quite interested in the following Greenpeace campaign:


    I was wondering whether it was possible to integrate it in a lesson. The idea would be to make the pupils imagine their own stencils and catchphrases. We could keep Greenpeace's message or use their tool only but for a different purpose. Indeed the stencils would not necessarily represent endangered species but could illustrate human beings living in pollution for example. Any ideas?

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  •  I love the commercial for it shows (well, unintentionally) that everyday items pollute our world.

    Possible Xblogtation: It could be used in a lesson about Global warming for example.



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