• Possible Problematics : Auriane, Victor, Kim


    Extract 1:

    Pb: How does the extract introduce the story?

    A:           -Context: 1960’s = sixties

                    -Characters: David and Harriet, self exclusion

                    -They go very fast (Hubris): sleep both

    Extract 2:

    Pb:         -To what extent does the mansion play an important role in the story?

    A:           -Omen of the future (Hubris) + Climax: feelings, attic, fertility →Hubris

                    -Ivory Tower/ Kingdom + Gothic aspects/ haunted

    Pb: Even if the mansion seems idyllic how can we see bad omens?

    A: Spring: period of fertility, babies, fruit (D+H), lilac, buds, some shadow

    Extract 3:

    Pb: How does the happiness of the family turn bad?

    A:           -Economical crisis, 70’s violence: Thatcher: Ivory tower

                    -Hypocritical aspects of the family (money + parties)

                    -Hubris: Harriet with Amy

                    -Chiasmus: Happiness/ Unhappiness = irony

    Extract 4:

    Pb: How does this extract show the descent into hell for Harriet + David?

    A:           -Abdication Harriet for Dorothy = important

                    -Hubris: other child Harriet = Girls power + pride + immature + selfish + money

                    -Fatality: room, don’t assume

                    -Role of silence

                    -Situation turns

    Extract 5:

    Pb: To what extent does Ben accelerate the descent into hell?

    A:           -Notion of monstrosity: different POV = Harriet + Ben

                    -Gothic aspects

                    -Self exclusion: division of the family

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