• Russian doll: TFC

    Rewrite TFC with a different POV


    Dorothy's dolls.

    > This matriochka doll is about the grandmother Dorothy, that's why I chose a smily old woman at first.
    > Then, we can see Tinker Bell. I think that Dorothy is like her because it's like she's got a "magical power", when she's here, everything is ok.With the pixie, it's the same
    thing, with her wand, she changes all bad situations.The link between the two is that everything became beautiful with them.
    > Next, there is Mary Poppins.Poppins is a famous nanny. Her and Dorothy are close because they're human and especially they take care of children and all the house. The
    Banks' familly needs Mary's help and because of her, parents will understand that their dream dislocates all the familly.It's the same for the Lovatts. Harriet and David want to
    have a big familly but the old woman says to them that it's crazy and they realize it at the end.
    > Last, I put Super nanny. She controls every thing, she changes parents and children, she's got a strong personnality and imposes her rules. We can say that Dorothy is
    the same basically. Also, she's self-asured and is not afraid about nothing.All the familly loves this incredible woman !

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