• Christina's main ideas

    • DELIVERY FOR HARRIET : ‘thank god , thank god , it’s over at last’ l.16-17

    ‘she raised herself with difficulty ‘ related to painting of Henri Fuseli named nightmare , it’s a nightmare for Harriet to give birth to Ben


    • BIRTH OF BEN , BIGINING OF THE DESTRUCTION : when he was born ‘he came out fighting the whole world’ , he have a real aim : destruction related to picture where we see a giant baby walking under soldiers and destroy everything in his passage

    Beside he look at his mother (l.38) while he don’t pay attention to his sibling (l.91), he rejected them (l.93-94)



    “eleven pounds’ contrary to the other ‘’had not been more than seven pounds’

    ‘muscular’; ‘yellowish’ they are many adjectives who qualified him  (l.25-26-30)

    *it’s creating a strange atmosphere (l.54-55-61-64)

    It’s related the picture where we see a monster in a baby park and the picture where they are four apple and one is red for focus our attention on the fact that Ben are different physically to the other children



    Even his mother doesn’t like him because of her appearance (l.42-43) and Ben reject the external world too (l.95-96)



    Harriet regret the arrival of Ben because she don’t have been the time to pay attention to baby Paul (l.74-75-76-77-78-79) beside Ben is ugly contrary to baby Paul: they are physically different. Nevertheless she react like a mother (l.51 to 59)



    In my opinion I thing that Harriet had another image of Ben and when she see him in reality hit’s destroy this representation of him (l.45) it’s related to the picture of René Magritte la trahison des images and the image named ambiguous perception: old or young.

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