• Radiohead's No surprises - the project

    Radiohead is one the best band ever! That's why I began to analyse with my class the music video of the song No Surprises (which was an anticipation to an extract from The Fifth Child). Then Stéphanie Cialone developped the idea and managed to go further. After the study of the video in class (+ symbols, etc.), the pupils had to think about a storyboard. Then in groups they had to illustrate the song (video or slideshow). You can find below the original video and the fantastic works made by the pupils!


  • Really great video and vision of the song. Enjoy and comment!


  • Here is Camille & Clément's vision of the song by Radiohead. They made an interesting comment about it.



    This is our video clip on Radiohead song, No surprises. In this video, we will show different viewpoints of the same thing.

    We will make the description and then the analysis to finally conclude.

                The video is cut into five times: the quote, first pictures, lotus, second pictures and another quote.

    The first quote was said by Shakespeare. And at the end it’s our question.

    The pictures come from different news in the world. There is Haiti, Burma, Japan, Libya, Egypt, Ivory Coast and Tunisia.

                The first and the last times can be compared to the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction is Shakespeare’s quote where he speaks about “seven ages”. Here the “seven ages” are epitomized by seven world actualities.

    The three other times are inseparable because the first part with photos illustrate the suffering and the claustrophobic atmosphere whereas the second part with photos demonstrate hope. There is a contrast between the times with pictures, there is a separation with the flower which is blooming. The lotus shows rebirth and purification.            

                To conclude, we chose to do our video clip like this because violence is everywhere in our world and sometimes we can't do anything against it. Our video is about the news, you can, if you want, help people like the Japanese just with some money...


                                                               Camille C & Clément B - 1°L2

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  • Very awesome work! Congrats guys!



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