• the Fifth Child's equations

    The following equations are inspired by those developed in the following article: HERE




    Here is Claire C’s equation on The Fifth Child. It was inspired by the article on “funny equations” about newmath.com.



    Vids to Xblog!


    Here is the explanation of my work : 



    I use the concept of the article "Funny equations" on the blog for The Fifth Child. My work is about Ben, and I think it is "the" cliché of the book.  


    First I took a picture of a little boy and with my software, I represent Ben on black and white because it is the result of the equation. Indeed, we can consider Ben like an angel or like a devil. We have two sides with this character. But, behind Ben there is Harriet and we can't forget her. There is a lot of supposition about her behavior : crazy, post natal depression, denial of pregnancy, hysteria, addiction... But her behavior influences Ben's life. Even if I thought Ben was a monster in my first reading, I was sceptical. Ben is just a child, with his innocence and that's why we can easily suppose that is not a monster.  


    When I did my work, I wanted to show that Ben is just a child with his bad and good sides. It is probably Harriet's dominant point of view (during all the novel) which persuades us that Ben is a monster. She's rejecting Ben from the beginning, we have no chance - when we read - to know how he can be if Harriet love him like the others, if she wasn't tired, if she doesn't take pills etc... 



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