• The Fifth Child covers

    Here are the creations of the pupils. It consisted in designing a personal interpretation of the Fifth Child's cover.

    You may find the cover + the text + the oral presentation of the pupils.

    Please feel free to comment their works and to give them advice.

  • Cover by Camille, Kévin & Marco.

    Cover by Camille, Kévin & Marco.



    Presentation :
    It’s cover of the book, The Fifth Child, written by Doris Lessing.
    First, we can see 2 frames, on the left and on the right, which represents 2 eyes in red colour. And in this eye, we can perceive 6 silhouettes in black. Everything is black around the eyes

    At the bottom, there is the tittle of the book.
    The frames are the eyes of Ben, who looks at his family who are represented by the silhouettes, with rabies. The eyes look demonic with the red. We believe that Ben feels alone and is angry.
    The cover is dark and can frighten.

    Camille's presentation:


    Marco's presentation:

  • Cover by Christina, Joyce, Naomi & Amélie.

    Cover by Christina, Joyce, Naomi & Amélie.



    Presentation :

    this is a Black and white drawing of the cover The fifth child that we made

    Description :

    the first things which attracts our attention is the hooked hand in a deserted place that is seems to be a wood .

    All the drawing is in black and white color that's why it's give to the cover a threatening atmosphere. Furthermore it seems to be an isolated place because there is anything else around it

    At the top there is the title of the book in big and bright red color letters

    At the bottom there is the name of Doris Lessing in dark red color

    Analysis :

    the hooked hand which 's situated at the middle of the cover is very important . In fact it's represent the five children of Harriet and David, and moreover the last Child who's the fifth BEN. As well the hooked hand which is in a deserted place shows us the monstrosity of what awaits us


     Naomi's presentation:


    Amélie's presentation:



    Christina's presentation:



    Joyce's presentation:



  • Cover by Cassandra, Magarita & Sarah.



     We can deduce that on the left side , it's the perfect happy family, and on the other side the family after ben's bith. The artist may intend to denounce that ben is  placed in the root of the family tree.

    It represents the most important members of the  family. The book shows the fact that he is the one who  destroyed everything. Moreover the fact that the title of the book is written in red with spines strengthens the fact that this fith child is spring of misfortune, of bad events.

     Every spine represents highly-rated dark one of its soul. However, the flames of the parm represent the hell ( as well as the one that he made live to his family) Futhermore every word represent a person of the family before and after Ben's birth.

     And the rainbow of the left shows the happiness which reigned. And the thunderstorm on the right shows the disaster which is provoked by ben.

     So the hearts of a highly-rated depicts the love between the members of the family.


    Cassandra's presentation:


    Sarah's presentation:

    Margarita's presentation:

  • Cover by Claire & Ateekah (Marx Dormoy)

    Cover by Claire & Ateekah.


    I’m going to describe and analyze the cover of the fifth child that I created.

    At the top of this cover we can see the title of the book written in bold and distorted letters which give an information about the atmosphere in the story that is to say with fear, sadness and darkness. We also find the name of the author who is Doris Lessing. In addition the background is grey and blurred in order to show the gloomy and tense atmosphere of the book. This cover is made of 3 pictures which are in black and white. These colors highlight the dark side of the story which gives us a fright and which is a tragedy (all the family was in pain because of Ben, she is destroyed, Ben didn’t become someone normal, there is no solution at the end of the story…).

    Besides at the top in the left hand corner we can see a photograph which depicts a pregnant woman. I chose this picture to refer to the difficult, long and painful pregnancy of Harriet when she was expecting Ben. ““My God,” she said, or grunted, or groaned, and then suddenly sat up, or scrambled out of bed and went doubled up out of the room, fast, escaping from the pain”: this scene took place when Harriet was pregnant for only 5 months and already suffered because of Ben, she already felt he would be abnormal, different even if the doctor thought and said the contrary, therefore she looks worried on the picture.

    The second photograph is at the top in the right hand corner and deals with the face of a woman who represents Harriet in the story. She hides her face with her hands: actually when someone put his hands on his face like this, it’s the reaction of someone who is crying because of heavy problems, because of despair. On her hands we can observe a drawing which represents Harriet’s feelings when she faced her problems with Ben’s behavior and character; we can see a mouth, 2 eyes and a lot of tears: here, the tears represent the sadness, the powerlessness of Harriet seeing Ben like a monster, she knows she can’t help him, she doesn’t know what to do, and at the same time we can see fear and horror in her eyes because she feels guilty, maybe she is ashamed of this child she didn’t want and she asks herself if he is really her own child, she has doubts, she is confused; moreover she must be terrified seeing Ben like he really is, that is to say very violent, uncontrollable, aggressive, emotionless…but she must be also sad because no one want to help her with Ben, no one tries to understand her fight to save Ben. She feels desperate, hopeless, without any solution: we have the impression she must keep her face hidden because she can’t clearly show her true feelings in front of her family, she kept these feelings into her because nobody around her is able to understand her: she feels alone.

    At last there is another picture taken from the movie the lord of the rings: it focuses on Gollum’s face but in the story, this photograph represents Ben. I chose this picture because Gollum looks like a monster, a “goblin”, he is odd like Ben. Ben is terrifying, scary and is qualify as a “freak”. The 2 eyes here reflect the character of Ben: he is threatening, dangerous, ready to make something immoral and he has yellow, big and worrying eyes. In addition Gollum is always represented naked like Ben in the passage in the institution: he is not respected, he is removed and alone. In top of that he is behind bars: he is like a prisoner. Harriet locked him up in his bedroom because of the danger he represents for the family, and because of his behavior (for example when he killed the cat of the family).


    Claire's presentation:


    Ateekah's presentation:

  • Madelyne's cover (Marx Dormoy)

    Cover by Madelyne.


    The document I’m going to talk to you about is a cover made by myself for Doris Lessing’s book, the fifth child. The plot is the story of Harriet and David, a British couple who have four children but when the fifth child arrived, he destroys the family and then full of problems coming.

    In the foreground there are two teddies which are lying on the floor contrary to the other teddy in the background which looks them. The photo has pale colors and some stripes like an old photo. At the top we can see the title of the book in child handwriting like the name of the author at the back; moreover the setting must be a blackboard.

    This cover remembers us the school period and focus on children universe. The teddies on the floor can represent Harriet and Ben: she holds and protects her son from her family who hate him because of his difference. So the four teddies symbolize Ben’s brothers and sisters. In conclusion, I choose to make this cover with teddies and blackboard because, in my opinion, the aim of the fifth child it’s the discrimination of a little boy, so I try to show that in my cover.


    Madelyne's presentation:

  • Cover by Victor, Kim, Auriane & Cathy (Marx Dormoy)

    Cover created by Victor, Kim, Auriane & Cathy.



    The Fifth Child

    This is our cover of The Fifth Child.

    It's a black and white drawing, which represents Harriet and David in front of an institution. Ben is nearly the door.

    At the top we can see the title of the book, written in bold letter. Below there is the name of the author: Doris Lessing.

    In the foreground, there are three caracters.

    In the bottom left hand corner, there are two shadows. Indeed, we notice that one is looking at the institution and the other is looking away.

    At the opposite, we can see a shadow of a child in front of a door: it seems that he is going in this institution.

    The mansion in the background is impressive, very high and dark.

    It's during the night and it's foggy.

    Firstly, the writting of the title give us a gloomy impression of the story, it makes us believing that it's an horror story.

    Moreover, the fog embodies the mystery of the atmosphere.

    Shadows represents the differents main characters of the novel. In fact we can see that David is not looking at the child, he seems not to care about Ben's leaving contrary to Harriet who is desperate, she seems to feel guilty because she has abandoned her son.

    We have noticed that in the book there is no chapters which permits to separate the different parts of the story but we can say that there are two parts; the first part is before the institution and the second is after. That's why we emphasize this transition with this drawing of the institution.


    Victor's presentation:

     Kim's presentation:

    Auriane's presentation:

    Cathy's presentation:

  • Cover by Sonia (Marx Dormoy)

    Designed by Sonia


    The document is a cover of a book. 

    This cover is in black and white. 

    The book is entitled The Fifth Child and written by Doris Lessing. 

    It was published in 1988. 

    The book deals with a family. 

    Harriet and David meet each other on an office party. 

    Months ago they were married. 

    They want a big house and a big family. 

    They bought their house, they make their children but the fifth child is very different from the others. 

    At first, their life is perfect but with Ben's birth their life changed, so this family who was living aperfect life becomes a torn family. Their dream finally became a nightmare. 

    In the top left-hand corner, there is the name of the writer who is called Doris Lessing. 

    The letters of her name are black and the reflection is orange. 

    At the bottom, there is the title of the novel that is entitled The Fifth Child. 

    The letters of the title are black; inside the letters we can see vivid colors. 

    In the background, we can see a Victorian mansion in black and white. 

    In the middle, we can see five characters. 

    There are a man, a baby, a young boy and two little girls. 

    On the left and on the right, there are trees. 

    In the foreground, we can see a child.  

    His face is in color. 

    He looks angry, as an evil. 

    In the top right-hand corner, we can see a woman. 

    Her face is in color too. 

    She looks very angry and depressed. 

    She is screaming. 

    We can deduce that the characters in the middle are David, Paul, Luke, Helen and Jane. 

    The mansion is their "kingdom". 

    We can also deduce that the faces in color are Harriet and Ben, the main characters of the novel. 

    The background is in black and white but the title, the name of the writer and the two faces are in color in order to emphasize them. 

    According to me, this cover is realistic with the story because the characters in the middle are transparent in the story while Harriet and Ben are the two important characters. 







  • The project initiated by Mr Cadilhac and the lycée A. Einstein is really interesting!

    The pupils had to imagine their own covers. Here are their works! Excellent!



    Cover designed by Clémentine B, Clara R & Sana E

    Their Analysis:

    We chose this photo to represent the cover because the character of the Fifth Child is showed very well. Indeed, in the back cover, it reads that the child, Ben, is monstrous in appearance. In this photo (which is extracted from a film called The Orphanage), the child on the right hasn’t got a face, he is frightening. Moreover, we can say that the woman next to him is Harriett Lovatt. She is holding the hand of his son, so he seems to be brutal and uncontrollable. They are only two in this photo; it reinforces the feeling of loneliness: the others can’t understand their situation, so they have to fight against it alone. The colours are dark, especially grey and black. The atmosphere is cold, tense, and we can notice that their clothes are old and drab. The mother’s face shows feelings of sadness and powerless.






    Cover designed by Samia L.


    The eye represents the mother and the ultrasound scan represents the fifth child? The eye is crying because Harriet is afraid about this situation. Indeed, she has got different feelings and emotions. The first is love and the other one is fear, stress. She knows that she loves her baby even if he is not like the other ones. And the lightning means that it is a complicated relation.










    Cover designed by Louise P, Juliette S & Théo N



    This drawing is our cover for the 5th Child, written by Doris Lessing.


    In the middle of the picture, there is a carnivorous plant which seems to come from hell. It has got seven big sharp teeth and a huge tongue. It has got only two leaves. It is surrounded by weeds. In the top right-hand corner we can catch sight of a sun. On the right there is two huge flowers and four other little flowers. The two bigger flowers look at the carnivorous plant. One is red, the other is yellow. The third flower is a tulip. The three other flowers are blue and white. On the left there is a high tree. In the foreground, there is the title “The Fifth child”. In the top left-hand corner, it’s written the author’s name. The background is deeply dark. The weather seems to be stormy.


    The flowers in the top right-hand corner represent the family (with the parents and the children). They seem to have a peaceful life under the sunshine light contrary to the fifth flower which is growing far from his family in the weeds and the darkness. It’s to show that nobody wants to live with the fifth child. Maybe nobody likes him because of his personality or his appearance. That’s why he looks like a monster. He is in the middle. The right could be heaven with his family and the left could be hell. He lives between hell and heaven. He can’t go to hell but he hasn’t got the right to go to heaven.


    I chose to draw the fifth child as a carnivorous plant because it is said that he as got a monstrous appearance and he is insatiably hungry and strong. So, compared to his family which I represented as a couple fo flowers under the sun, he is abnormal and frightening. SO I thought that comparing his family with flowers would be interesting and original.


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