• MTV advert: Story within the song project

    The project is based on the MTV advert presented in the following article: MTV campaign: story within the song

    The concept is that songs have a story. The idea is here developped for the novel The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing.

  • Waouh.... It's just.... brilliant! I'm really impressed by the work made by the two pupils. Congratulations guys! You rock!


    MTV advert: Story within the song project


    MTV advert: Story within the song project


    MTV Campaign: story within the book

    The Fifth Child.

    We decided to use the concept of MTV Campaign: story within the song for the Fifth Child. So, it represents the story of The Fifth Child with pictures in chronological order. We are going to explain it picture by picture.

                    The one in the center represents Harriet and David and they are in the center because they are central in the book and they are at the origin of the whole story.

     1 > Represents love at first sight between Harriet & David.

    2  > Illustrates searching and buying of the house. The “home”.

    3 > Shows the important place of the bed and represents the first time they make love.

    4 > Symbolizes the financial help of James Lovatt.

    5 > It is Luke’s birth. A normal and calm baby.

    6 >  The first family party with the important place of the table where all the family gather.

    7 >  It is Helen’s birth. Once again a normal baby.

    8 > Once again a family party.

    9 > Jane’s birth. We put the picture smaller than the others to symbolize the fact that she is really invisible in the family during the entire story.

    10 > Represents the happiness of Lovatt’s family.

    11 > Two rings with one broken which symbolizes the important quarrels between Sarah & William.

    12 > Birth of Paul. We chose the picture of baby crying to represent the fact he’s a sad child who demands so much attention. We put him bigger than the other because he stays at home a longer time than the other children and because with his problem with Ben, is has a more important place.

    13 > Materializes the quarrel between the members of Lovatt’s family.

    14 > Harriet is pregnant of Ben and she suffer, she becomes paranoid. We chose a picture of the movie  Rosemary’s baby because Rosemary is disturb as Harriet. And the knife symbolizes the fact that she wants to kill Ben.

    15 > Harriet goes to Dr Brett and he says that everything is normal and he gives her sedatives.

    16 > Represents Amy, the Down syndrome baby of Sara & William.

    17 > Ben new born. Very ugly and strong baby. The picture of Ben is on the side of Harriet (picture central) because she is the only one who cares about him.

    18 > The beginning of the quarrels between Harriet & David about Ben. We chose a picture with silhouettes to put on the light the difference with the beginning of the story (picture one) which symbolized also with picture with silhouette.

    19 > It is when Ben kills dog.

    20 > It is when Ben kills Mr Mac Grégor, the cat.

    21 > Ben show his monster face when he eats raw chicken.

    22 >  Harriet takes Ben to Dr Brett because of his behavior.

    23 > The family put Ben on the Institution.

    24 > Epitomizes confinement of Ben in the institution and his strength, the fact that he wants to survive.

    25 > Two parts : When Harriet takes Ben of the institution and after, when she looks after him and tries make him able to live in the society.

    26 > Represents the violence of Ben and his anger against Harriet.

    27 > It’s a picture of John and Ben. Hapiness of the little boy.

    28 > Luke, Helen and Jane go to boarding schools and they go to live at their grand parents’

    29 >  Shows the loneliness of Ben at school.

    30 > Ben breaks a little girl’s arm at school.

    31 > Ben’s sadness and loneliness.

    32 > Harriet takes Ben to Dr Gilly at London.

    33 > Ben tries to hurt Paul.

    34 > Ben is part and chief of a gang.

    35 > Ben participate to riots.

    36 > Harriet lonely in the house thinking of the fact that she didn’t succeed saving Ben.


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