• I'd like to congratulate Loïs for the important participation to the blog. I really appreciate. Actually I thank every pupil from Lycée Lacroix ;)

    Loïs sent me her work. She was inspired by the Kafa's campaign. I just let you enjoy the really excellent work!

    The Kafa's campaign is to be found in the following article: HERE


    Kafa's campaign project

    Kafa's campaign project



    First picture : Ben
    I made this work  using Kafa's campaign (against verbal violence) but I did it for Ben and the word "monster", because it's a word people often used to qualify him, and particularly Harriet, from the moment Ben exists, even when he is just a foetus, she considers him as a monster. His father does too, his brothers and sisters, the rest of the family...
    So I recorded myself saying this word, and then I played it with media player and chose the visual effect which is showing the sound waves. I made a screen capture of it, and then I used the shape of it to draw a scar on the little boy's face. For the color of the scar I used a picture of a scar founded on the internet.
    With this work I wanted to show that to me, it's the fact his family is rejecting him and treating him like a monster which made him violent and different. Because to me, when you are convinced by the other, or even sometimes by yourself that you are something ( a monster, bad in mathematics or whatever) you really become what you're convinced to be at the end. And that explains the slogan "if you say to your child he's a monster he'll probably become one."  I'm sorry, the realisation is not perfect from a technical point of view, but I'm not really talented at that.
    Second picture : Jane

    I just made the same with Jane, with the word "invisible" . I did this because Jane is the one we always forget, we don't know anything about her.
    In the passage of the delivery, she is mentionned, and D.L adds to her name "the four year old" and that shows very well the reader doesn't know who she is. And even if her sadness is not mentionned, I'm sure she feels sad and abandonned because her parents are too busy with Paul and Ben to think about her, and she must suffer of it.


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