• Fused characters in TFC

    MTV's fusion concept - A vision of the Fifth Child.


    Here is the explanation of my work :
    I decided to use MTV's T shirt concept for the 5th Child characters. I took a picture of Guy, Rosemary's husband in the movie Rosemary's baby to represent David, because this movie has many resemblances with the book ( a woman pregnant of the devil's child because the husband sold his wife's body to the devil) , then I took a picture of a child looking like Ben ( I googled "violent child" ) and to represent Harriet I took a picture of a housewife of the fifties. Then I wrote their names on the top of the picture but I cut "David" and "Harriet" to do the same as MTV shirt.
    I did this work because I wanted to show that Ben is the product of his parents, because we can find in him elements that make us think about David : his way of observing people... David can also be violent, I remember the love scene at the beginning, Harriet has the feeling he is someone different, he is quite bestial... Harriet is someone very disturbed, and she is rejecting Ben from the beginning, and that's probably because of this that Ben is so strange, and expresses his loneliness with violence.

    Loïs V.

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