• Important quote for each extract / cultural reference : Cathy

    Extract 2;
    L.2 : symbol of happiness like in fairytale with the birds
    L.14 : too much happiness, almost cry
    L.16 : old fashioned house like H & D
    L.20 : "each new baby" means want a lot of children
    L.28-39 : don't take things for granted (the milkmaid and her pail) dreaming
    L.35 : shadow > reference to the dark side > Ben
    L.39 : buds > futur flower, symbol of love in the bedroom
    L.47-48 : fertility, very easy to have babies

    Extract 4;
    L.2 : new pregnancy undesired
    L.15 & 24: "exhausted", "frantic", "furious" new feelings from the others extracts, no more happiness
    L.16: painting of Severn Joseph "the abdication of Mary" here it's the "abdication of Harriet"
    L.17: ben is already poisoning her before his birth, after it will be worst
    L.46&48 : Harriet & Dorothy are to tired
    L.60: position of queen takes by Dorothy
    L.51-59: power of silence, problems not solved because they don't talk about it

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