• Russian doll: TFC

    Harriet's Russian doll.


    This document is a photomontage, it is like a Russian doll.

    First, We can say that Harriet is a strong woman. We studied in the first extract that Harriet's physical appearance is strong, and in the beginning of the book, she wanted to have a big family, a lot of children, a big house, thinking working in the same time. She saw herself as a strong woman, not physically but she thought she had a strong mind. That's why the first picture is a strong woman.

    Then it is “Le malade imaginaire” by Molière, because Harriet is always pregnant and says that she is sick, she always needs the help of her mother while her sister, Sarah, needs more help from Dorothy, and Sarah does not complain contrary to Harriet who asks always the support of her mother.

    The third doll is a character from a series called Gossip girl. What is interesting here is the word “gossip”, because at a moment Harriet said nasty things about Amy, the children of her sister Sarah, who is a mongol child. I think we can compare her to a gossip girl because she said it to David and Sarah never knew what Harriet said.

    We finish with a woman and her baby in her arms, protecting him. Here is an important face of Harriet, and must be the more important. Harriet supports her child Ben till the end of the book whereas the other characters of the family reject him during all the book. Harriet is with Ben like a real mother, she is present for her son, she does what she can for him, for his integration in the society. An important moment is when Ben is in the institute about to die, and Harriet saves him, she plays her mother's role.

    To conclude, it is important to emphasize that David rejects completely Ben and doesn't support Harriet in the integration, on the contrary, he rejects Harriet too.

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