• Russian doll: TFC



    The photomontage is based on the idea of Russian nesting dolls which is a set of dolls.

    In this document, there are three different characters, the little boy from Le Petit Nicolas, then a little baby and finally E.T the Extra-Terrestrial.


    The first character that is to say the big one looks like a normal child, and more precisely he looks like an exemplary child. He is wearing a white shirt with a red jumper. Moreover, this little boy is bue-eyed and brown-haired.

    Then, the second character is a baby who is crying. He does not wear any clothes.

    Finally, we can see E.T the Extra-Terrestrial who looks weak


    The first character looks normal and he is like an exemplary child. Actually, he looks like a child who is intelligent. That's why he is like Paul. Indeed, physically the fourth child looks normal, without any problems.

    Then, the second character reveals Paul's childhood and in particular when he was baby. Indeed, he was without any attention from his parents. « Paul lay whimpering in his pram, ignored »

    Paul has to share his mother with Ben, the fifth child. He is considered as a toy for Ben, he will remain traumatized by Ben. That's why this child represents Paul because he is suffering because of the lack of attention for him.

    Finally, the third character shows Paul's inside him. Indeed, because Ben has broken his arm and has traumatized Paul, the fourth child will be infected by Ben even if he looks like a normal child. Indeed, inside him Paul is disturbed by Ben. That's why we can consider Paul as a monster. Indeed, because he was infected by Ben the monster, he is inside him a monster too. However, he is not an evil monster such as Ben, Paul is a kind monster who is misunderstood and who needs help in particular from his parents such as E.T. Paul is a innocent and frail monster.

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