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    This is a photomontage based on the idea of the Matryoshka doll. Five characters are interlocked into each other.

    The photomontage intends to show the real character of Ben, to stop judging, and to show the differences between other people. We also have to look beyond appearances.

    The first picture shows a baby who is an alien. We can see a baby who looks strange. Indeed, he has strange wide eyes. Moreover, he has on his right a strange thing and he has pointed ears. This refers to the image that the family or the reader may have of Ben. Furthermore, he is perceived as a monster and a different child who is abnormal. He is like an extraterrestrial who is not like everybody but like a child who comes from another planet.

    The second picture shows a doll that is called Chucky. It’s from a movie and the character is really monstrous and evil. The picture refers to the moment when Ben has probably killed the dog (p.62). So, Ben could symbolize a monster who is supposed to kill and he is not perceived as a child, a human being.

    The third picture represents Esther, a child from the movie of the same name. that’s a story of a weird child who is different and who kills people from her adoptive family. As opposed to Chucky here the character is a human being like Ben, a character who represents evil and provokes fear: “he didn’t look like a baby at all” (p.48).

    The fourth picture represents Elephant Man whose real name is Joseph Merrick and whose life was reinterpreted in the movie by David Lynch. This is a story of a man who is distorted. He is very different and people consider him as an animal but in reality he is kind and not cruel like the others could say. It shows that he is seen as a monster because of his appearance whereas he is just a nice man who needs love (like Ben: “whom no one could love” p.56). Moreover, he provokes pity like Ben: “poor Ben” (p.56). To conclude, Ben is a kind child, not a monster even if he has monstrous appearance and behavior.

    To finish, the fifth picture show a kind and normal child like the real Ben. This is the main character of the movie Arthur and the Minimoys. He is a normal child. Indeed, in reality, Ben is a child with no problems nor differences.

    Thus, before believing in appearances, we have to accept differences and to be nice with everybody and to see people for who they really are.

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