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    For our Russian doll, we decided to choose Harriet. So, first, we represented her with a child and a smiling woman because during the entire book, Harriet will try to be happy every time and it is her dream to have a large and happy family. So we took this young mother and her baby.

    Then we chose a little girl who is crying. She represents the childish attitude of Harriet. She is crying because she wants something, and Harriet wants a big house, a large and happy family and also a house full of people. Moreover, when she is pregnant with Ben, David does not want to invite all the family anymore because his wife is tired but Harriet still refuses to cancel the party.

    Finally, the last part of the Russian doll is a monster. It represents the deepest face of Harriet because she rejects Ben because he is a monster. This is a proof that Harriet is not better than he is. She must protect her child from the world but she rejects him instead. In the end, she will be kind with him like a real mother, it is when she brings Ben back from the institution where Ben is ill-treated.

    The real monster in the book could be David who is not present at all when Harriet needs him.

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